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We build the Switchboard

You install the Electrics

Use our Board Builder™ to design + quote your electrical switchboard


We build the Switchboard


You install the Electrics

Use our Board Builder™ to design + quote your electrical switchboard

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Use our Board Builder™ to Design and Quote your Electrical Switchboard

  • Set dimensions
  • Add/remove tiers
  • Add/remove shelves, drag and drop into position
  • Specify material, finish and other requirements
  • Dynamic pricing as you go!
  • Save time and speed up delivery
  • Save your designs and re-use in new projects

Easy Step by Step Switchboard Builder


Outer Shell

• Start with Board Height
• Choose Metal Type
• Add Aluminium Plinths
• 750mm or 1000mm tier widths
• Add multiple tiers to achieve desired length



• Front and Internal Doors
• Can Nominate Hinged Side
• Multiple Internal Cover Door Options
• Pull off, Hinged and Double Hinged
• Water and Dust Proof



• Add Quantity of Shelves
• Drag and Drop Shelves into Place
• Cavity Height Dimension Shown
• Select Recessed or Full-Depth Shelf
• Full-Depth Shelf Creates Gutter Mullion and Additional Front Door


Gear Trays

• Add/Remove Gear Trays for Each Section
• Gear Trays are Welded to Board
• Fix Hardware/Brackets Directly to Tray
• Stop Fixing Screws Piecing Outer Shell


Go Direct to the Sheetmetal Experts!

Our Board Builder™ is purpose built for the industry, allowing the user to be in control of adding all the necessary components such as shelves, gear trays and cover doors. You can even change the metal type, surface colour or finish.

Bring that extra professional edge to your tenders by using our switchboard builder. Use the ‘save custom board’ feature to store your designs until you are ready to build.

Instantaneous pricing while designing!  Know the cost before you leave our site.

Cut out the middle man!  Save time and money by going direct to us, the expert sheetmetal fabricators.

Technology processing power – CNC laser cutters, routers and CAD software are used to guarantee a precision design and build.

Perfect for Commercial and Industrial uses: mining, civil, councils, industrial, SME electricians

The hardware is up to you once we’ve built your customized electrical switchboard box. We are an Australian supply only manufacturer, and does not include any electrical hardware, wiring or installation.

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